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So, I got back home yesterday morning.

On Sunday, Ryan and I went to Publix and got sushi and tiramisu. We had a pseudo-picnic at the Bluffs, then went to Barnes & Noble to read Catching Fire. Afterward, we went home and watched X-Men: First Class and episodes of Community.

Monday, we went to Five Guys and then Petco. There were a few rat-lovers by the rodent/small animals aquariums that I talked with for a while. Ryan and I watched these two ferrets playing - a smaller one with darker features was pouncing on and biting a bigger, gold-tinted one who looked like he just wanted to sleep. We dubbed them Harley and Gold Fury. On our way out, we stopped by the adoption center and played with the two cats that were there, McStinkey and Grey Girl.
We got coffees at Drowsy Poet and took them to Barnes & Noble. I read more of Catching Fire (I got to Part II) while Ryan went through graphic novels. Later on, we went to Ozone's with Tim. I found plastic wrapping of some sort in my pizza, so we ended up not having to pay for anything. We left our waitress like $8 as a tip, though.

I left Pensacola around 8:45am yesterday to go back home. I didn't really get much sleep the night before, so I was sleepy most of the drive. By the time I got home, I had an hour to spare before class. My rats hadn't had any human contact since Friday morning, and were so excited to see me that all three were jumping up and down. It was like popcorn popping in their cage.

Needless to say, I fell asleep pretty early last night. Around 9pm or so, I think. Ryan called and woke me up around 4am to play Minecraft on a new server. So we talked and played together for like 5 hours before he went to bed and I got ready for class.

Since class, I've just been Minecrafting. My obsession has re-sparked with the new server. :D


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