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Yesterday's weather was eventful. My alarm woke me up at 9am, and I realized I was already late for my Senior Thesis class. So I jumped out of bed, threw clothes on, and started to run out the door. On my way out, I heard the tornado siren and saw the dark clouds. Kourtni came out of her room and told me a tornado was on its way. I texted Whitlee, and she said they were all huddled in Bob's office. I didn't see the point in going over to the school, so I stayed at home and watched the local weather on TV.

The first tornado touched down near the airport, which is north of us. A second rotation was spotted and went right over us, but I don't think it ever touched down. In the meantime, we got flooded.

After the warnings were lifted, I went to school just to make sure class didn't resume. (It didn't.) It was still storming, and as I was walking up to the Art department, lightning hit the pole I was passing. The lightning strike was accompanied by this horrible deafening sound that caused me to high-tail it inside. The pole was literally smoking. It scared the shit out of me.

I had one other class at 11am, but only five of us showed up. Our teacher told us to just go home and said she'd have something on Monday for the five of us who made the effort to get here.

So I ended up going home and playing Minecraft. I finished setting up my Portal/mine rooms. Then I watched Tenderness and Pitch Black before falling asleep.

Today, I've just been watching Community. I'm currently on season 1, episode 16. I love it so far, though. Annie is my favorite.
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